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Our Adventure

While we are doing our best to live life to the fullest, there are a few things working hard to get in the way.

With both physical and mental health issues, each day is full of chaos and struggle.

But as a family, we are choosing to not let that get us down. We are choosing to rise above and rely on God to help us through.

Except that our kids don't totally know this yet. They know that I have cancer, and they know that they've got some mental health struggles but what they don't know is that this next season will be dedicated to being healthy and content, both physically and spiritually.

This should prove to be a messy and somewhat comical undertaking.

But seriously, though, with a Pastor Dad and a Life Coach mom, they had to see it coming.

All joking aside, the past few years have been hard. And with my health what it is, the next few could prove to be harder.

Therefore, we are stepping up our family game. We are actively working on managing anxiety, eating well, exercising, and spiritual literacy.

Join us; walk with us, learn with us, laugh with us, share with us as we head down this next road on our adventure.


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