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October is Breast Cancer Awareness  Month, and with that, generally comes a lot of pink.  But pink isn't the only colour of breast cancer. 

30% of women who have breast cancer will, at some point in their cancer journey, progress to metastatic breast cancer. 

Metastatic Breast Cancer is not pink. It is not curable, it is not one tough year and then better, it is not dragon boat teams and surviving. 

Metastatic breast cancer is an exhausting disease that is taking too many young women and receiving too little in research funding. It is lifelong chemo, regular anxiety inducing scans and families who become caregivers. 

Along with the pink breast cancer ribbon, the metastatic community adds a lime green ribbon signifying the triumph of spring over winter, life over death and a teal ribbon signifying healing. 

It is my goal to bring hope and joy to the metastatic breast cancer community and one way I can help with that, is to raise funds for a great Canadian charity that advocates for and supports women with breast cancer. 

This year, proceeds from our fundraiser will go directly to Rethink Breast Cancer. I am grateful for the encouragement this organization has been in my cancer journey. 


The top 3 fundraisers will win 
an Embrace Adventure 
Together t-shirt of their 


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