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A few years ago, Dave and Eli were sitting side by side on the couch... laughing at something. Dave, being extra tired made up this word. 

Ka jow i fy..  For years, this word has been a staple in the family, mostly used as an Adjective but every once in a while as an Expletive. Eli owns the original Ka-jowify t-shirt from way back then. 

Dave's Design - A Funny Word Adult

SKU: 217537123517253
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  • Adult T-Shirts come in a variety of Heather Colour choices: blue, green, red, purple, grey and white. They come with a black logo. 

    Brand: Guildan Soft Style

    Euro-cut tee with taped neck and shoulders.  Soft facbirc, making it a great everyday t-shirt. 

  • Free Delivery within Powell River. 

    Free Shipping on Orders over $100.00

    Shipping Cost $5 flat fee for orders in Canada and the US. 

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