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The Mouth Guard Conundrum

It's story telling time. And here's a weird one.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a mouth guard from the drug store. You see, I have the problem that when I sleep, I grind my teeth together. It's from stress. The more stress, the worse the grinding. Not uncommon but getting super annoying.

So, I bought this thing. I didn't really know how they worked for each individual mouth, but the large instruction sheet walked me through the steps of fitting it to my mouth. You actually have to boil the plastic guard, and once it's soft, you imprint your teeth onto it.

I had quite a fun time doing it. Check out my video on Instagram @notamamalogue to see what I was up to. Dave didn't think I was nearly as funny as I thought I was.

I digress.... Little did I know when I purchased this thing was how much fun it would actually be. And how stress relieving.

See... EVERY night, I find this night guard running amok with a mind of it's own.

Night one: I was slightly drugged with my sleeping pill but I don't remember putting it in my mouth at all. Dave however, remembers very clearly me talking to him and carrying on about how funny I sound.

During that night, I woke to find "something" in my mouth and I whipped it out, and hucked it away...only to wake a little more, realize what I'd done and proceed to look for it in the dark. It was at the end of the bed.

Night two: I woke in the night without it in my mouth, felt around the bed for a good long while but didn't find it anywhere. In the morning, I found it closed all safe in it's case. I guess I didn't want it.

Several more nights: alternating between panicking that something has crawled into my mouth or putting it away in my sleep.

Last night, I fell asleep with it in my mouth but when Dave came to bed 20 minutes later, it was haphazardly put back in it's case.

Not sure where this is going except, that when I do manage to wear it for a whole night, it's really helping with the teeth grinding thing and my dizziness is 80% gone. Also, my stress is subsiding because I'm really curious to see what this blasted little thing is going to get up to in the night.

It's the little things, people. The little things that seem ordinary and of little value that have big impact.

Living with my stupid sore jaw and dizziness was driving me crazy. But finding such a simple solution has proved more valuable then I would ever know. Finding something to laugh about in the midst of this stressful time... fantastic!

Who's up for a sleepover? Apparently I'm getting pretty good at my mouth guard party tricks.

Dave and I always say, "we either laugh or cry, and today we're choosing laugh",

Laugh away, my friends. Find those weird, little blessings and laugh away.


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