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Ned is Out and About

We are officially going on a vacation!

That’s pretty much it.

Like most, we didn’t travel last summer due to Covid. But we also struggled with a huge amount of anxiety coming after my 2 cancer diagnosis.

It was that anxiety that caused us to not even be able to do local camping.

I was so mad / bummed last year when we changed our plans last minute and camped at home. We had fun, but it wasn’t the trip I was so craving.

Today, we heading out, and I think more than anything this is a testimony of how much we’ve overcome in the past year.

I‘m sure they’ll be tough moments. You can’t really load up 6 people in a van and expect a week of serenity and bliss.

But honestly, at this point in time, we can handle pretty much anything. (And no, that’s a taunt, God, to give us more).

So, off we go to visit friends and sit amongst the trees. I love it!


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