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I'm working on a really serious blog post. I started on Tuesday, cried my way through a few paragraphs and haven't gone back to it yet. It's a hurt-y one. Worse than all the other hurt-y ones.

But I felt like this needed honourable mention.

I've been snuggling to find the adventure in our lives. There's a huge reason... you'll get it soon. But I have long had this picture of our family in all our resilient glory, hiking up some majestic mountain, with sun on our faces and wild flowers entwined with our hair. It's a metaphor... trust me. I can't even get my kids to walk on a flat trail 500 meters from our house.

But sometimes, this is what resilience looks like.

Oh my goodness! This guy has a face that is just made for this kind of hilariousness.

And after the crap weekend that he had, it was so important for us to be able to laugh with him. To laugh together. To take turns putting McDonalds Happy Meal cutouts on our faces and embrace the nerd that is our family.

This! These moments are amazing. And I just wanted to share. Because in the midst of the darkest dark, there can be moments of light.

Adventure on, my friends. However small it may be.


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