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A Poem of Lament - Broken Friendships

I sit

The chair beneath me, perfectly curated for the room

My legs pressing into the table’s edge as I balance my chin upon my knees

This is a table for love

A table built long and deep

With room for a dozen perfectly curated chairs

I lean forward

My forehead resting on the varnished wood

Tears flow now, warring with the patterns in the grain

This table is empty

No heavy dishes mar the surface

No red wine circles blur white fabric

I ache

The loss of what could be fills my stomach

The questions of loneliness roll with no answers

This is a table for sharing

Simple fare prepared by friends

Conversations whirring long into the night

I am confused

Searching memories for indications of trouble

I scour my thoughts for words gone wrong

This table

Where meals with friends, make family

Where laughter shared fills the soul

This table

Too big now for the empty room

Too empty now in this darkened space

I sit

Alone in my grief

Mourning your loss

Come back, please, to the table


Jesus, today we sit at your feet, feelings of loneliness and grief for lost friendships swirling around us.

We ask for comfort. We ask for healing of those relationships.

Lord, we confess that we may have been the ones to mistreat our friends. We may have been the ones to walk away or use unkind words. And if so, please guide us to integrity and making things right.

And, Lord, if it is our friends who have chosen to walk away, we ask that you would bless them and if it be your will, you would bring them back to us, giving us the chance to forgive and accept them back into our embrace.

Jesus, be with us as we prepare our tables to welcome each other. Bless our friendships. But in the meantime, bless our tears and our heartache as we mourn the loss of great friends.



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